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We believe you will find there are many Benefits and Privileges but there are also Obligations.

Benefits and Privileges
  1. You will be in a friendly, supportive group of around 15-20 other members who are also striving to improve their own verbal communication skills and are willing to help other members improve their skills.
  2. You will begin working on the Competent Toastmaster (CTM) Speech Course.  This is a 10 Speech Basic Course which we recommend you try to complete within a year.
  3. There are at least 10 roles at each working meeting Over a period of about 6 months you will have opportunity to fill each of these Roles.  
  4. A typical meeting has Table Topics (2 Minutes of Impromptu Speaking), 3 Speeches and an Evaluation for each Speech.  From time to time - with very little notice - you will be called on to fill an unassigned Meeting Role. 
  5. Three Parties a year;
    1. Club Birthday Party in April
    2. Summer Picnic in August
    3. Christmas Party in December
    These parties are held on Tuesday Evenings during the regular Meeting time; 7-9pm.  Parties are usually held somewhere other than City Hall.

  6. While members are encouraged to attend meetings on a regular basis very few members attend every Meeting.  Our members lead busy lives.  One of our long time, very supportive members only attends about 2 meetings a month but when she signs up to fill a Role she is very faithful about showing up and filling the role.


  1. In addition to giving Speeches you will be expected to support other members by serving in each of the support roles (Toastmaster, Table Topics Critter, General Evaluator, Grammarian, Timer, Evaluator, etc) from time to time.  At any Meeting you may be called on to fill a Role.
  2. As part of the Induction Ceremony you will agree to:
    • Prepare fully for each assignment.
    • Attend meetings regularly, to participate actively therein and to fill empty Roles when they occur.
    • Work diligently to complete the Competent Toastmaster Program.
    • Promptly notify the Toastmaster if you cannot fulfill an assignment.
    • Evaluate other speakers in a positive, constructive manner.
    • Build open, friendly relationships.
  3. After your 3rd Speech you will have the opportunity to Evaluate other Member's Speeches.
  4. There are 7 Club Officers elected for 6 month Terms. You will be given the opportunity to fill one of these Offices.

The best way to learn more is to attend two or three meetings as a Guest.