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"I have always known about Toastmasters and many people have suggested that I joined – It took me twenty years before I came to a meeting. San Mateo Toastmasters is a friendly, encouraging and fun group of people from all walks of life and provides a safe environment to develop your skills. Its never too late to join and make your life better. Toastmasters Skills are Life Skills."
Tony DeLeon - Member since June 2001
"I came to Toastmasters to overcome my fear of public speaking, which I have. Now I look forward to and actually even enjoy giving speeches and talking in front of a group. The confidence I've gained has extended to every area of my life."
Lynn Bruno - Member since Jan 2003
"I joined Toastmasters in the summer of 1998 when I became a Regional Director of Technology for the CA State Dept. of Education. I knew I would be doing presentations, making speeches, and running board meetings. San Mateo Toastmasters was perfect because I live in San Mateo and Tuesday evening was a convenient time. I wanted to perfect my speaking and leadership skills, and also mentor others. I have made a lot of progress, but there is always room to improve. A few accomplishments which would not have happened without Toastmasters:
  • speaking at a Lions Club meeting and receiving funding for a student tech support program at a local school
  • doing a graduation speech at Heald College in San Francisco
  • speaking to high school students about career and job skills
Thank you San Mateo Toastmasters! "
Jan Half - Member since Summer 1998
"I have been a proud member of San Mateo Toastmasters for quite a while and am happy to say it has helped me improve my communications skills many times over. In fact, the improved impromptu speaking skills and speaking anxiety I worked on during Toastmaster meetings led to my performance in the interview for my new job at a Fortune 500 company. In addition, the whole reason I got the interview in the first place was because of a friend I made at one of the Toastmaster Division contests who had a friend at the company who in-turn submitted my resume. So I owe a lot to Toastmasters and club 191."
Gino Gemignani - Member since 2002
"Becoming a TM was one of the best decisions I ever made. It has taught me to communicate more effectively. It has revealed strengths I never thought I had and highlighted areas I should work on. It has built my confidence and made me a happier person. TMs has introduced me to fantastic people."
Justin Moresco - Member since 2008
"I myself have seen tremendous self improvement over the past few months. I can attest to others firsthand the positives that come from spending only 2 hours a week improving your speech –being aware of your body language, giving eye contact, having the appropriate tone and certainly conveying your message correctly. Not only when giving speeches, but terrific tips for everyday use. Toastmasters is about developing leadership at all levels. We are a fun and dynamic group that is learning from each other and improving skills in a positive environment."
Concha Johnson - Member since August 2012