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The evaluator is responsible for the evaluating one of the prepared speeches.

Prior to the meeting

  • Review carefully the Effective Speech Evaluation manual
  • Talk with the speaker to find out the manual project he or she will be presenting. Find out exactly what skills or techniques the speaker hopes to strengthen through the exercise.
  • Study the objectives of the project as well as the evaluation guide in the manual.

Upon arrival at the meeting

  • Look for the speaker and get his or her manual.
  • Confer with the speaker one last time to see if he or she has any specific things for you to watch for during the talk.

During the meeting

  • Record your impressions of the speech in the manual along with your answers to the evaluation questions.
  • When introduced stand and give your oral evaluation report. Begin and end your evaluation with a note of encouragement and praise.

After the meeting

  • Return the manual to the speaker.