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The general evaluator is responsible for the evaluation team.

Prior to the meeting

  • Insure that each speaker will have an evaluator.

Upon arrival at the meeting

  • Insure the individual evaluators have the speaker's manual and understand the project objectives and how to evaluate it.
  • Greet all evaluators who are present. If an evaluator is not present, consult with the Education Vice-President and arrange for a substitute.
  • Sit near the back of the room to allow yourself full view of the meeting and its participants.

During the meeting

  • Briefyly explain the role of the general evaluator
  • Ask the Timer to explain the timing for evaluations.
  • Explain to the audience that the Evaluations portion of the meeting is important because itís an opportunity for the speakers to get immediate feedback from the evaluators. The goal is to make the evaluation a positive experience to help the speakers overcome weak habits and add power to good ones.
  • Introduce the evaluators one at time and name the speaker for each, i.e., we have Jane Doe who will be evaluating Speaker #1, John Smith. Jane is Ö.. (give short introduction of evaluator).
    • When the evaluator arrives at the podium, shake his/her hand.
    • When the evaluator is finished, return to the podium, shake his/her hand and thank the evaluator.
  • Continue to introduce each evaluator. After the last evaluation, tell the Timer that we donít need the exact time for each, but ask the Timer if everyone qualified.
  • Call for the vote on the Best Evaluator; after about a minute, pass the hat to collect the votes.
  • Give the General Evaluation Ė comment on 2-3 good things about the meeting; and give constructive feedback on 2 things that could be improved, i.e.,
    • Did the meeting and each segment start and end on time?
    • Was everyone called upon during Table Topics?
    • Did the Timer explain the timing for each segment?
    • Did the Grammarian define the Word of the Day, give the part of speech and a sentence showing an example of usage?
    • Did the Evaluators give positive feedback and suggestions for improvement?
  • After your General Evaluation, return control of the meeting back to the Toastmaster.

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