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The speaker is responsible for delivering a prepared speech.

Prior to the meeting

  • Choose a manual speech. Present the speeches in numerical order. Avoid giving speeches out of order.
  • Before your meeting ask the general evaluator who will be your evaluator. Speak to your evaluator and share with him or her which manual speech you'll be giving. Discuss with the evaluator speech goals and personal concerns.
  • Remember to bring your manual to the meeting.

Upon arrival at the meeting

  • Arrive early and check the room setup
  • Carefully plan your approach to the lectern and speech opening
  • Be sure to give your manual to your evaluator before the meeting starts.
  • Make certain that the Toastmaster is prepared with your speech introduction.

During the meeting

  • Give your fill attention to the speakers at the lectern. Try to avoid studying your speech notes while someone else is talking.
  • When introduced, smoothly leave your chair and move to the lectern as planned.
  • As you begin your speech, always acknowledge the Toastmaster and the audience
  • Plan your speech closing as carefully as your opening. Never thank your audience, but return control of the meeting to the Toastmaster of the Day. Always wait for him or her at the lectern, then return to your seat.
  • During the evaluation of your speech, listen intently for helpful hints that will assist in building better future talks.

After the meeting

  • Get your manual from your evaluator.
  • Have the Educational Vice-President initial the Record of Assignments in the back of your manual.