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The responsibility of the timer is to keep track of the time during different segments of the meeting.

Prior to the meeting

  • Write out your explanation in the clearest possible language, and rehearse it. Be sure to emphasize timing rules and how timing signals will be given for the benefit of guests.

Upon arrival at the meeting

  • Get timing equipment from the Sergeant at Arms. Ensure you understand how to operate the stopwatch and signal device, and make certain that it is in good working order
  • Sit where the signal device can easily be seen by all (back center of the room).

During the meeting

  • When introduced, explain the timing rules and demonstrate the signal device.
  • Throughout the meeting, signal each program participant as indicated below.
  • Record each participant's name and time used.
  • When called to report by the table topics master, state which participants qualified based on time.
  • When called to report by the toastmaster, state which speakers qualified based on time and their individual times.
  • When called to report by the evaluator, state which evaluators qualified based on time.

After the meeting

  • Return the stopwatch and timing signal device to the Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Give the completed Timer's Log to the Secretary for recording speech times in the minutes.