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The toastmaster's primary duty is to act as a genial host and conduct the entire program of the meeting. It is the toastmaster who creates an atmosphere of interest, expectation and receptivity.

Prior to the meeting

  • Check with the VP of Education to find out if a special theme has been set for the meeting and if there are any program changes. If no theme has been set, you may decide the theme and notify participants.
  • Contact the table topics master to discuss his or her duties. Provide the table topics master with a list of program participants to insure these people will not be called on for table topics.
  • Contact all speakers in advance to remind them that they are speaking. Find out their speech title, manual project number, purpose to be achieved, time requested, and something interesting about themselves which you can use when introducing them (job, family, hobbies, education, why this topic to this audience, etc.)
  • Contact the general evaluator to confim the assignment. As the general evaluator to contact the other members of the evaluation team and remind them of their responsibilities.
  • Prepare introductions for each speaker.
  • Prepare remarks which can be used to bridge the gaps between program segments.
  • Prepare the meeting agenda for distribution at the meeting.

Upon arrival at the meeting

  • Arrive early in order to finish any last-minute details.
  • Check with the speakers for any last-minute changes.
  • Distribute agendas
  • Sit near the head of the table

During the meeting

  • Preside with sincerity, energy and decisiveness
  • Always lead the applause before and after the table topics session, each prepared speaker, and the general evaluator.
  • Remain standing near the lectern after your introduction until the speaker has acknowledged you and assumed control of the meeting; then be seated.
  • Introduce the table topics master as you would any speaker. If the table topics master forgets to call for the timer's report and vote for best table topics speaker, you do it.
  • Introduce each speaker in turn.
  • At the conclusion of the speaking program, request the timer's report and vote for the best speaker.
  • Introduce the general evaluator as you would any speaker; the general evaluator will then introduce the other members of the evaluation team. If the general evaluator forgets to call for the timer's report and vote for best evaluator, you do it.
  • Award ribbons
  • Return control of the meeting to presiding officer.

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