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The responsibility of the wordmaster is to introduce new words to members.

Prior to the meeting

  • Select a "Word of the Day". It should be a word that will help us increase our vocabulary - a word that can easily be incorpirated into everyday convesation but which is differnt from the way we usually express ourselves. An adjective or adverb is suggested since they are more adaptable than a noun or verb, but feel free to select your own spcial word.
  • Prepare a sentence as an example of how to use your word.
  • Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of the word master for the benefit of the guests.

Upon arrival at the meeting

  • In letters large enough to be seen from anywhere in the room, print your word, the part of speech, and a brief definition on the board.

During the meeting

  • When introduced prior to Table Topics, annouce the Word of the Day, state its part of speech (noun, etc.), define it, use it in a sentence, and request that anyone speaking during any part of the meeting use it.
  • Briefyly explain the role of the wordmaster
  • Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone and write down who used the Word of the Day (or a derivative of it) and note those who used it correctly or incorrectly.
  • When called on by the table topics master after table topics, stand by your chair and give your report of who used the word.